"Change For Life" Baby Bottle Blessing Campaign

Ideal for churches, schools, and other groups desiring to help Crossroads!

The response to the “Baby Bottle Blessing Campaign” has been amazing.

We appreciate all the generous people from our local community that have participated in this fun and exciting fundraiser. It is rewarding to see how excited children, teens, and adults are when they return their “filled baby bottles” and the positive impact it makes in the lives of the parents and babies we help at Crossroads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A Crossroads representative will meet with your group to explain the program and help kick off the campaign.
  2. Crossroads provides your group with colorful baby bottles to be taken home or placed in businesses to be filled up.
  3. The campaign usually lasts from Mothers Day to Fathers Day.
  4. At the end of the campaign, Crossroads will provide a final count.

To get started right away:

Call: Executive Director (509) 765-4425
Email: admin@pregnancywa.org