This is especially for you dads.

Sometimes dads might feel a little left out while mom is pregnant. Did you know your baby knows your voice and can hear when you read to him or her even before they are born? This is your chance to tell your baby how you’re feeling about him or her. What hopes do you have? What do you think your baby will look like? What do you want for him or her?

Below is a letter from one of our first time parenting dads written to his unborn son…

“Hey there Georgey, this is your daddy! I’m so happy and excited to welcome you to this big old world. Though at first for a little while I was pretty scared and nervous, thinking of how it’s going to be once you are here. But now I get so happy after thinking about you being born, in our arms, and getting ready to start your own adult life. I hope that we can give you any and everything you need. I love you so much, no matter what and I hope you always remember that. Now, I’m not sure who you will look like more, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have all the little neighborhood girls chasing you down the street in your Big Wheel! I can’t wait to see you and how you will look on that special day and as you grow. And no matter who you look like or how cute you are or what anybody tells you, I love you no matter what. I just wanted to let you know that, I hope Mommy and I are successful parents for you and that you become a successful person and son. And overall I just hope that we give you a happy and loving life to live.Love Daddy”